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Protexin Equine Premium is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of gut health and joint products for the equestrian market. Leading products in the range include Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix and our recently launched supplement for older horses, Fifteen Plus.

" I have been fortunate to work with Protexin Equine Premium since 2017 and have seen great results with my horses condition and performance. I trust their quality range of probiotic based supplements to keep my horses digestive tract in tip top condition throughout a busy eventing season."


Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider, and has been working to promote it since 1985.Their saddles and accessories require the expertise of six different trades (master crafts) within the saddlery profession.  Innovative by nature, Devoucoux have no qualms about pairing up the latest technology with craftsmanship.

"I have been riding in Devoucoux saddles for the past five years and wouldn't choose to ride in anything else! "

For over 50 years, Spillers have continued to lead research, innovation and development in equine nutrition and feeding.

"I first started working with Spillers when I encountered problems feeding Xam. Their dedicated team of equine nutritionists really opened my eyes to the art of feeding! We have worked closely ever since."

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